Thanks, Mike

Mike Moseng joined our staff almost 2 years ago and almost immediately he and I took a trip to a conference in Atlanta.  He had just filled our administrative role of Executive Pastor.  There’s nothing like a road trip to get to know somebody personally and a friendship was born.  As I write this, tomorrow will be his last day on our ministry staff as he pursues opportunities in another form of ministry.

Mike’s friendship has meant a great deal to me over the past couple years.  We’ve laughed a lot and he’s been a brother and a “safe” outlet for me whether it was talking about staff issues or raising a son or whatever else life has put in our paths.  Like I told him at our staff retreat last year…what I love most about him is that I know he has always had my back.

Here’s the top three things I appreciate about Mike:

-His character…Impeccable.

-His genuine love for people.  I’ve never seen it more authentic in a person.

-His “captured by God” moments.  A short explanation…

…It happens frequently enough that you know it is part of who he is and infrequently enough to know that he isn’t flippant about it.  I think I could point to 10-15 times we’ve been across the table from each other or in a larger meeting and Mike has been visibly moved by something he has just experienced.  God was teaching him or leading him in the midst of everyday ministry and he doesn’t miss it.  Unfortunately, many of us do “miss it” when ministry becomes your everyday life.

Below is part of the note Mike sent to his key leaders about this transition:


In the past months God has allowed me to be a part of some difficult pastoral issues (performing funeral, sitting all night with a family whose husband and father just passed away in the bedroom, baptisms, premarital coaching, hospital visits, and other tough situations) that has shown me where my excitement and giftings truly live.  While I have greatly enjoyed my position as Executive Pastor, I know that I need to be in a situation that allows me to use these gifts on a regular basis.  This could be as a chaplain, working at a hospice, or taking a pastoral type position on a church staff. 


To this end, and with the support of Greg and the elders, I have resigned.  Laura and I fully intend on keeping Suncrest as our home and will continue with our volunteer positions, so we are not saying “goodbye” necessarily unless God leads to a position out of this area. 




I’m obviously thrilled that Mike and Laura will still be part of our church family, just as they were before he joined our staff.  Thanks, Mike, for your servant heart and your ongoing friendship.



~ by Greg Lee on September 4, 2008.

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