Moving on…to football

I have to imagine anyone who reads this knows I love the St. Louis Cardinals and love to give cub fans a hard time.  But, I’ve offically resigned myself to these 2 facts:  The cardinals will not make the playoffs this year (even as a wild card) AND the Cubs should win the World Series.  Seems like the only thing that could stop them now is some kind of curse…

And, what better time to end my interest in the baseball season than during the first week of the NFL?  The Bears are my team here and it will be my plan every Thursday to post my prediction here for the upcoming week.

This Sunday they play the Colts on Sunday night in Indy.  I’m realistic…and I have Peyton Manning on my Suncrest fantasy team.  So, I’m not going to pretend that I think the Bears will turn it into a nail-biter, my prediction for this Sunday is:

Bears 17

Colts 31

(There has to be some joke in there where we add “Da Bears with Ditka 493”.)

~ by Greg Lee on September 4, 2008.

One Response to “Moving on…to football”

  1. That seems like a realistic pick. You never know what the NFL will bring year to year. There are always injuries and turnover. The Bears have always been a team built on defense and a running game…and lately awesome special teams.

    This year our once proud defense seems old, tired, and rusty. (Judging by last year and this pre-season. Who knows? I hope I am wrong).

    We can only be better at the RB position this year. Benson was a total bust last year. And Kyle Orton won’t LOSE us games, but I don’t feel good about him WINNING any games for us this year either. I do feel good about our TE’s. If we can protect the ball, we might do alright on offense. Unfortunately, the bears schedule seems challenging too.

    It seems like the Bears might be a 500 team. You never know though…the NFC North is not typically good.


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