Good Weekend

Labor Day weekend is blocked out on my calendar for at least the next 13 years.

Every year, we go back to our hometowns of Camp Point, IL (mine) and Clayton, IL (Jenny’s).  They are 5 miles form each other.  Jenny’s family has a reunion on the Sunday, but the main reason we go is to celebrate Jack’s Birthday with both of our extended families.  His party Saturday was a surprise party to him as he turned 5.

We saw a lot of family, played some wiffle ball, cards, and spent some time in the pool.  But, we also got a lot of work done.  That included loading a piano from my grandma’s house (coming to our house next week) and helping mom and dad with a variety of things.  After unloading one load of things, Jack and Abby found the riding lawnmowers at grandma and grandpa’s place.

One wild part…we went to church with Jenny’s family Sunday at their really small Methodist church.  Jack was asked on the spot to light the candles at the beginning of the service (with his cousin in the picture).  With no air conditioning, the fan on stage was blowing and it accidentally blew out his candle lighter (surely there is a more formal name for that thing?).  So, after he got it re-lit and he lit the candle on the altar, he wasn’t about to put his flame out in the traditional (and safe) way.  Instead, he flung it around just missing some people and very valuable pieces of furniture, so he could put it down in front of the fan again to blow it out.   He concluded with an announcement to the whole church “I made the fan blow it out!”

~ by Greg Lee on September 2, 2008.

One Response to “Good Weekend”

  1. Jack! What a fine and clever lad ye are!!

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