We Love Leaders!

Four times each year, we gather our key volunteer leaders for what we call “Leader’s Edge.”  We do it to give everyone three things:

  • Advanced Insight (leaders should know the big things happening before anyone else)
  • Strategic Focus (our ministries are growing, but are we all moving in the same direction?  This keeps us focused)
  • Practical Training (most nights, we break into our ministry huddle groups and it becomes a training time – all the artistic leaders together, all the first impression leaders together, all the community group leaders together)

Last night, our one and only agenda item was to say “Thank You!”.  Suncrest would be dead in the water without the 100+ volunteer leaders we have.  We know that God is using these leaders to change lives.  They are my heroes!

How do we say thank you?  Last night it was fun awards along with some serious words of thanks.  It was staff doing Karaoke (my song was “Achy Breaky Heart”)and all of us dressing up (coats and ties for all the guys!)  It was writing each leader a personal thank you note and letting people be overwhelmed with gratitude and hugs as they came in for the night.

Thanks, leaders, for all that you do!  I’ll post some pictures soon.

~ by Greg Lee on August 28, 2008.

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