Launch Lunch

Five weeks from today, a new campus of Suncrest will launch.  I got to be part of a great launch team gathering for lunch today after church that Doug led.

It was cool to hear about all the leaders in place, the plans for a practice Sunday and a preview Sunday before launch.  The energy in the room was palpable and my favorite part was a prayer Doug led in at the end of the lunch.  He let us be quiet for a minute and reflect on the names of people we are personally going to invite.  I sat at a table with two people going east and they had about 15 people combined on their lists!

Here’s what I asked the staff and elders to do last week…and I’ll ask all my readers to do this too.  Until launch day, will you pray for our east campus every single time you pray?  Meals, prayers with your kids, in your community group, during your quiet time…every time you pray!

We are being faithful to the leadership and effort needed to launch a campus.  At the same time, we firmly believe God’s hand is the difference-maker and we are asking for him to move powerfully.

~ by Greg Lee on August 25, 2008.

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