Fantasy Football

Football '08 Yahoo! Fantasy Football - Play NowThere are a few things I love doing for fun andone of them is on the horizon…Fantasy Football. 

I have 3 leagues…one with a friend from college…one at Suncrest…and my favorite one: a mix of family and old friends where I’m the commissioner of the league. 

We had our draft today in Bloomington, IL at my brother’s house (7 of the 8 of us made it to the all-day party and the 8th was on speakerphone).  Except for the host all of us drove over an hour…most of us over 2 hours to get there.  Crazy, isn’t it?

Now in our 8th season with 7 of the 8 original peoples still playing, I named the league “Lee Brothers and Others” with the tag line “because that’s the order we finish in.”  That has mostly been true.  After the draft today, here’s my picks on our order of finish.

1.  Me (I always pick myself to win, but never have won this league).

2.  Ben Lee – my younger brother

3.  Tim Lee – my older brother

4.  Dave Burger – Friend from college in ministry in Catlin, IL

5.  Matt Schmidt – friend from HS, now the news anchor on WGEM in Quincy, IL

6.  Andy Royalty – my brother-in-law

7.  John Walter – friend and one of my coaches in HS

8.  Jim Caler – friend from college now in ministry in Springfield, IL

The best part of Fantasy Football is the chance to give each other a hard time.  The 2nd best part is that the season will still mean something to me after the bears start 1-3.

~ by Greg Lee on August 24, 2008.

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