Way to go, Groups Ministry

Six Sessions on Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People (Groupware)We had our fall leaders training for community groups on Saturday.  Our groups ministry has been a powerful force over the last few years as we progressed from being a church who had a few groups to it being the norm of your suncrest experience.


This training was prepping us for a fall all-church experience cenetered around “The Life You’ve always Wanted”


Mary Beth and her team did a great job Saturday — and the energy in the room was remarkable.  We had a guest from another local church sit in to observe our process and we got this very cool note back from her…


I enjoyed being a part of your training.  You and your leaders definitely have “it”, as Craig Groeschel would say! 

~ by Greg Lee on August 22, 2008.

One Response to “Way to go, Groups Ministry”

  1. Would someone from your church be able to deliniate the main components of this campaign for us?

    Our church is doing the same thing in our groups ministry starting September 17th and I could use some ideas.

    Vinnie C.

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