My Story

We kicked off a new series Sunday called “My Story” and I asked everyone to take an hour this week to really reflect on how the story of their lives was intersecting with the story of God…and especially the theme of God’s story.  That theme of redemption is all about putting the world back together.  It’s more powerful for me when I think about how I could have a role in “putting someone’s world back together”.

There are so many broken people who cross our paths.

This morning, I opened my email and had a note from one someone who was here Sunday and talking about her “My Hour” experience.

“I have briefly shared the story about my dear friend who spends all of her days in a nursing home.  I felt I was doing as much as I could to help her, but it wasn’t until after the sermon on Sunday that I realized I wasn’t really doing all I could, and even though in my mind my heart would break for her it wasn’t breaking the way God really wants it to…I know we will all grow from this, but what’s more important is the blessing that will come to those we are reaching out to.”

~ by Greg Lee on August 22, 2008.

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