T-minus…47 days

We’ll launch the east campus in 47 days at the new Showplace 12 movie theater right by the major mall of NW Indiana.  It’s going to rock.

I got a lot of updates today from Doug on the finances for it (looking strong), the plans for the video capture of messages (details most people would never think of), and the progress on our volunteer matrix (it’s the big thing right now, as it should be).

But my favorite part was this…I was walking out of our business team meeting a little before 10:00pm and I ran into Mike Fortner.  Mike works downtown, but does a ton of stuff around our church.  He was here tonight because he was practicing on the drums.  We need all kinds of musicians for our new campus and Mike was spending time on his own here tonight help fill a key role.  Why?  He loves being part of church that really cares about reaching people.

I’ll never be able to get enough of people like that.


~ by Greg Lee on August 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “T-minus…47 days”

  1. The Mike Fortner at your church wouldn’t happen to also be the Fermilab physicist who is now seated in the Illinois House of Representatives?

  2. nope, must be a different Mike fortner

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