Chase the Goose

Reclaim the Adventure of Pursuing GodI just got Mark Batterson’s new Book Wild Goose Chase in the mail.  I’m supposed to read it and write a review on my blog here before Friday when it is released in stores.  Mark has been a great influence on me and my ministry since I have been reading his blog – Linked in the right column here on my blog.  

I gave his first book –  In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day – to all of our ministry staff and elders for Christmas.  We used it on our elder retreat and it hit all of us in powerful ways. 

Wild Goose Chase takes builds on some of Marks theme of life being a spiritual adventure.  The name comes from the concept that Celtic Christians called the Holy Spirit “The Wild Goose”.  Can’t wait to read it.  I’ll have a review by Friday right here.

~ by Greg Lee on August 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Chase the Goose”

  1. No way! I was just reading today in “Waking the Dead” about small group community living and the impact Celtic Christians have on our beliefs today so I am a bit blown away by the title of Mark’s book. Way cool, Greg.

  2. Greg,
    Missed you at the Summit but understand completely. Look forward to our next time together. Along with this note is prayers for you and all my Bro/Sis at Suncrest.

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