While I was out…

This weekend marks the end of my 4 weeks out of the office.  It’s been really good, especially in terms of refreshment and family time.

I itch to get back for various reasons, but on the ministry front I have a lot of confidence that our staff and volunteer leaders don’t skip a beat with me gone.  I read the notes from the past two weeks staff meetings and here’s a sampling of what happened while I was out…

*        Thirteen people went on the Indy mission trip on Saturday – it was a great trip. 

*        Four people attended the baptism class on Sunday; all four will be baptized.

*        WorldChanger event was fun – approximately 50 children attended.  Fred Ewing, and Lonnie and Tonia Marsh were a great help as were several new parents. 

*        CIY was awesome.  Four students made the decision to be baptized, 6 decided to go into ministry, and 4 made the decision to be kingdom workers. 

*        We sent a team for Children’s Ministry to Impact on Sunday.  We had a good response from our contributers and Suncrest family to help out.  Area churches go there once a month to help out in Children’s Ministry. 

I love our staff!



~ by Greg Lee on August 9, 2008.

One Response to “While I was out…”

  1. And don’t forget about the awesome Suncrest-East gathering! After announcing the location of Suncrest-East to be the Showplace 12 you could really feel the excitement in the air. It was a great gathering.

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