From the front row at Busch Stadium…

Jared (our youth guy and my Cardinals com-padre) and I got to see a game last night that probably was a good microcosm of the Cardinals season.

-they won…they’ve done more of that than they should this year.

-their bullpen blew a lead in the 9th

-Ryan Ludwick and Albert Pujols hit homeruns (which they repeated tonight!)

They went into extra innings and had 2 rain delays.  That was OK…the temp went from 93 to 73 and after the 2nd delay, we walked down form our seats about 15 rows up (the pic is from here) and sat in the front row for the rest of the game. 

Jared took me to a cool place to eat in the city called Crown Candy Kitchen…The sandwich was good and I couldn’t finish the milkshake.

And best of all…my Ebay purchased Honda Civic got 37 mpg cruisingat 79 mph with the AC on and two big guys inside.

~ by Greg Lee on August 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “From the front row at Busch Stadium…”

  1. Way to set the “follow the rules of the road” example, speedfreak! At least when I speed I don’t tell the world in a blog! And it was just a warning ticket I got last Thursday night heading down to Terre Haute to get Matt, not a “real” ticket!

  2. you’re driving a civic now? I used to drive one of those…before it died on I-55 (just 23 miles outside of Lincoln).

    Of course mine was a 1989…

    happy driving! I love my 35 mpg escort!


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