Working hard, playing hard…reflecting hard?

OK, I’m learning a few things while on this time away from the office.  Some are about myself.

My default is “go”.  I like to work hard.  I like to play hard.  I don’t sleep much, but Jenny will tell you that when I am asleep, I even sleep hard.  I don’t do very well with down time unless it is active down time where I can do something.  Our elders grant me time off each summer and my mind immediately goes to how I can fill it up with things I don’t have time for in the daily grind.  It’s part of me…and it has baggage.

Is it possible to “Reflect Hard”?  Yes and no.  On one hand, my mind is always reflecting/analyzing.  Instead of segmenting it to a slice of life, I think it’s helpful to integrate it with all of life.  On the other hand…some things (actually, the most important thoughts) only come to mind when I quiet myself and reflect.  When I’ve done this over my break, I’ve found myself to be “antsy” for the first 30 minutes or so of it and then I do start to feel the enjoyment and power of it.  And it has been in these times that God has kind of rocked my world with a specific next step that I need to take personally or that Suncrest needs to take.

I just looked at my calendar for the rest of my time away from the office.  After getting back from a two week trip early Wednesday morning, I had a great day to decompress and get caught up.  Now I’m looking ahead to the next week.  The schedule is almost full, but it is at least full with some good things. 

I’ll be at Soldier field with my kids, Wrigley Field with 25 members of Jenny’s family, Busch Stadium with our youth pastor, and U.S. Cellular with one of our favorite friends – Vickie Graziano!  I’ll make a couple of airport runs, go to Evanston for a cookout with family, and unfortunately have an emergency elders meeting.  Next weekend I have a wedding for Rick Barker and this is a special one since Rick means the world to me, I also did his sister’s wedding, his mom is my assistant, and his dad is one of my best friends.

In there…I will also find time to reflect.  I need to.

~ by Greg Lee on August 1, 2008.

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