Glad to be home…

Our family got back early yesterday morning from a five day trip to Arkansas.  That was on the back of a 1 day trip to Tennessee and a 6 day trip to Boston/Manchester, New Hampshire for me. 

It was good to sleep in my own bed for the first time in almost 2 weeks. 

Here’s a summary…by the numbers.


5 – Hours spent waiting on delayed flights.  Not bad when you consider Chicago to Chattanooga to Chicago to Manchester to Baltimore to St. Louis.  Surprise, Surprise…all 5 hours were at O’Hare.

13  – Hours spent driving from Arkansas to home with 2 kids.  (It only took 9 before kids!)

5000+ – miles traveled by plane, car, and bus on the trip


15 – family members at my parent’s Arkansas house.  It’s a big house…but everyone still has to eat, shower, sleep with some coordination.

27 – Holes of golf played in Arkansas…9 with my wife

0 – Holes Dad was able to play golf due to the cancer treatments.  We did get to play some cards and he’ll be back on the course next year.

1 – Days it took me when I got home to buy Jack a set of clubs.  We are goign to the driving range tonight.


2 – Sundays I’ve been gone from Suncrest.  I hate this part of my “break”.  Miss you all.

1400 – High School Students that I spent 30 minutes speaking to one night.  I liked it because I hope every one of them has potential for being a kingdom worker.

8 – High School Students that I spent a week with in New England.  I LOVED it because I KNOW every one of them has great potential for a future in ministry (and maybe church planting in New England!)

~ by Greg Lee on August 1, 2008.

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