The big 34

Lots of people definitely made it a fun day yesterday as I turned 34.

I was out of town so it did stink that I didn’t get to see Jenny and the kids, but Jenny called tonight and we had a good talk. 

The students greeted me singing their own version of Happy Birthday this morning and sang again tonight when we had cake.  I did suceessfully steal the candles, so they couldn’t literally put 34 candles on it.

Had some emails and I got more greetings on Facebook than I could keep up with – some people I see regularly and some old friends.  Facebook has been fun for re-connecting in the last year.  Click here to connect with me there.

~ by Greg Lee on July 24, 2008.

One Response to “The big 34”

  1. Happy Belated! Sure looks like a lot of candles on this cake!! Take care of my little boy!ha

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