Introducing our Elders…Randy Parish

Susan and I started attending Suncrest on the first anniversary Sunday.  We were searching for a church home and decided to skeptically give this church in a school, a try.  We planned to sit in the back in case they did anything weird, so we could slip out the back door.  After the first service, we knew this would be our church home.


I was raised in a Christian home so my parents had the greatest influence in laying the foundation of my becoming a Christ-follower.  I wavered a little bit from that grounding in my early 30s.  When I met my wife, she provided the influence to again make Christ my center.  I can not be thankful enough for having a praying wife.

I love today’s Christian music and I think it impacts me a lot.  There are so many songs that hit us right where we struggle with life and the things the world throws at us.  You can’t read your bible all the time (especially if you drive as much as I do), but you can turn on a song that talks about how glorious our God is or how we can reach out to someone else.  It can be the most uplifting worship experience in 3 minutes.


Suncrest has never wavered in the basic beliefs the church was founded on.  The church doesn’t go with the “trends” or what is the “hottest” thing of the day.  It remains a bible based teaching church that takes what the bible has to say and makes it relevant to what we go through day to day right here in Lake County, IN.  Whether you have been a Christ-follower for a day or 40 years, you can always come away with an “I didn’t know that”.  How many times have you thought Greg or Doug was speaking directly to you and it made you squirm in your seat a little?  The church has never been about just showing up on Sunday.  It’s a whole package of teaching, worship, Community Groups to grow and share together with others, and serving, whether it is in the church, the community or in the world through one of our Mission trips.


Susan and I have a blended family of 5 children, four boys and a girl.  They have blessed us with 7 grandchildren so far, as two are not married (yet).  We live in Lowell and the kids are scattered throughout the Midwest and East Coast.


Some may not know I love to ride my Harley Davidson (and that Susan does not) as a stress reliever.  We also own 10 acres on a mountain in Pennsylvania that we hope to retire to some day.

~ by Greg Lee on July 24, 2008.

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