The 4C’s are defining us…student style.

This did my soul good today.  I just got a text message from Jared Mehrle, our student life pastor.  He has a big group of students at CIY and he was overhearing their conversation at breakfast today.  They were talking about the 4C’s as they talk about growing in Christ.

I think the 4C’s are now defining us as a church…and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be defined by!  It’s no longer just something that is talked about on Sunday morning, but it is part of the conversation in Children’s ministry, Student ministry, our community groups…everywhere people are trying to grow!

Our 4 C’s aren’t perfect, but they remain the best picture of a disciple I have ever heard if we can remember it is never about hitting one of the 4 or 2 of the 4, but all 4.  Here they are again…or for the first time.

A Christ-follower will..

  • Cultivate a Personal Relationship with Jesus.
  • Connect in Relationships where Truth meets Life.
  • Contribute by Serving.
  • Care about People far from God.

If any one of these are absent in our lives, we are falling way short in following Jesus.

~ by Greg Lee on July 23, 2008.

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