Only in New England…Candlepin Bowling



Had a wild game of Candlepin bowling tonight in New Hampshire.  They don’t have this in the midwest!  Skinny pins…shot-put sized balls…and three rolls instead of two.  Since I’ve done this trip a number of times, I’ve quit trying to score and just try to have some fun with the high school students.  Tonight I…

-Convinced one of our students he needed to bowl from behind the second line for his second game.  it was about 8 feet behind the original foul line and he bowled the whole game that way complaining that others weren’t following the rules.

-Found our quietest, most reserved student and convinced her to be creative with her rolls.  She started doing some and then I told her to throw it like a shot put…and she did!  Right into the neighboring lane…and got a mean look from the manager.  She came back, sat down next to me and said as seriously and quietly as possible, “I’m the one who never breaks the rules.” 

-Made sure I was keeping score for our team and doctored the one girl’s score in the last 4 frames to make sure she beat this guy who is really annoying.

~ by Greg Lee on July 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Only in New England…Candlepin Bowling”

  1. I can’t believe you did that! Well, yeah, I can :+)

  2. I seem to recall a girl named Jess soundly defeating you in candle pin bowling… 😉

    You need to make sure that Curt tells his joke about the camel and drinking up the oasis’. haha…I think he has told that joke every time I have been out there. It’s a funny joke…but only when he tells it.


  3. Are you sure you do not work for Brunswick on the side??????:)

    I will have to tell my son about this!!

  4. We are so proud.

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