Everyday People


People are really connecting with this message series called “Everyday People”.  One of the concepts that came out in my message on Boaz last week was how God puts together events in our lives.  In this story, it was all summed up with 4 simple words in Ruth 2:3, “As it turned out…”

It’s fun (and faith-building!) to look back at times of my life where God was obviously orchestrating circumstances, but I didn’t see it until later.  I got the story below from guy with his own powerful story of redemption…and a key part of it was meeting a lady at at our church…

I had become a member of Match.com and had met three women for coffee to see if there was any interest.
Not only was there no interest-it was terrible. I would always meet at Borders because it was neutral and I liked going there.  After E-Mailing number 4 for a few weeks, we finally decided to meet for coffee.  The girls at work would always tell me how good Panera’s was so I asked No 4 to meet there.
Near the time to meet, I thought this is a waste of time, they never work, I’m not going.  Then I thought about what I heard about Panera’s and decided to go to see what Panera’s was like.
“As it turns out”…. No 4 was Darlene.  And because someone told me about a new coffee place I met the girl of my dreams and found the way to follow Jesus Christ.

As it turns out…God will use anything — even match.com.  I did this couple’s wedding a couple years ago and love how God is working in them.

~ by Greg Lee on July 19, 2008.

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