Suncrest East is coming…

Big “vision-casting” is necessary for motivating people and creating positive momentum, but nothing great was ever done with just someone simply dreaming about the future. 

That’s why I love this season of our East Campus launch.  We cast a big vision in February, recruited a crowd of interested people in March and April (120 of us!), and got excited about a special offering to fund it in May and June (over $100,000 given so far).  That was all large group vision-casting.

But July, August and September is all about hitting the streets and getting the job done.  These things will be the real difference makers.  Doug and his east campus staff are finalizing leadership roles, filling the matrix and doing grassroots community events.  Among the first of these was a huge success — walking in the Hobart 4th of July parade.  Click here for a more complete Recap on the east campus blog.  Great job, team!

~ by Greg Lee on July 9, 2008.

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