Maybe it is possible…

I’ve been reflecting on a couple of intangibles about suncrest lately.  One-on-one with some staff.  With the elders last night.  With a couple other pastors in the area last month.  Here’s something I dream about…

Even though Suncrest is getting bigger and older, how do we keep it feeling younger and smaller?  Younger and smaller to me feels fresh, nimble, flexible, more relational than corporate, and (this is the big one) full of people who exist/serve for the cause, not for a position or a paycheck.

Here’s what hit me last night…an AMAZING percentage of people on our ministry staff team joined the team and served for a some time either for free or by working full time for a part time wage or by raising their own financial support or by volunteering altogether without pay.  Here’s the list of 9 (75% of the team) who have joined up with us sacrificially in this way because of the mission:

Sue Hertzfeldt


David Vineyard

Mary Beth Stockdale

Scott Coons

Mike Moseng

Kevin Richardson

Julie Coons

Patti Richardson

So…maybe it is possible that with this type of DNA in us, we can be different from at least the “stereotype” of corporate mega-church.  I think the multi-site approach helps with this as well…always something new and mission-driven to launch, always creating smaller communities instead of the big show at the big church, etc.

Or maybe we are just saying…if you want to work at Suncrest, do it for free first and never expect to make much money. 🙂

~ by Greg Lee on July 9, 2008.

One Response to “Maybe it is possible…”

  1. Heh, talk like that will scare the staff! Oh wait, I am one…………. 🙂 This is one of the reasons I love Suncrest, that we have the ability to hear from God and respond without getting bogged down in committees, sub-committees, and endless staff meetings. That, and the audaciousness to believe that if God is calling us to do something and we don’t have the money in hand, He will provide it if we faithfully follow Him.

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