Introducing our Elders…Jim Bowman

I have been married to my wife Karen for 28 years and we have four children.  Our two eldest (Brandyn and Christopher) are getting married this summer.  Casey will be a sophomore at IPFW this year and Geoff will be a senior at Lake Central.  We are soccer junkies….with all three boys playing the ‘beautiful game.’  (This adjective used to counter a comment once used by Jim Williams of Suncrest who said soccer watching was like “watching paint dry!”)   I am a school psychologist with the School City of Hammond and Karen is a guidance counselor at Lake Central.  


Karen and I have attended Suncrest since the church’s first year in 1994.  We were attending Southside Christian in Munster for many years but lived in Schererville and were excited when John Wasem took the initiative, with the partnership of our church planting association (CDEA), to found Suncrest in St John.  Finally!!


I grew up in a Christian home and had many positive role models through my church and during my college years at Taylor University.  My parents were my most positive influences.  My mother, now deceased, had a great sense of humor and love for children as she used puppetry as a tool in our church and as a librarian.  My father, still active at a Wesleyan church in Western New York, has often used the quote from St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”  Aside from teaching and his involvement in small groups, he and his retired friends still do volunteer work in the community and the church.      


I recall John Wasem using a warning of not ‘cocooning’ or becoming too interested in the comforts of our own church at Suncrest.  We have done the very opposite which, I believe, is true to the Great Commission.  We are an outward reaching church with ties to our community and world missions in bringing God’s message to others through words and our actions.


Few may know that I have an identical twin, Scott, who lives in New York.  There is a little extra ‘zip’ in our relationship when we get together, having shared similar friends and memories.  The local paper usually mixed our names in sports photos and I once convinced his oldest daughter (now 28 ) I was her ‘real’ dad when visiting as she was a toddler.  Scott was never able to pull that off since our appearances changed as we have aged (gracefully, I hope!). 



















~ by Greg Lee on July 9, 2008.

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