Back home…

I typed that title at first speaking of the idea we got back home to our house tonight after a long weekend away.  I guess it also fits that we went “Back Home” for our trip.  Jenny and I grew up 10 minutes from each other so we spent the holiday weekend with lots of family.  I love that.

Couple other cool things…

I got to speak at the church I grew up in on Sunday (pictured).  The people of that church have shaped my life in so many ways.  I got to spend about 90 minutes with their current minister on Friday morning.  He’s a really good guy and just 2 years out of college.  I know how thankful I was that guys who had a little ministry under their belt would give me some of their time when I was right out of school so I’m glad I could connect with him in that way.  Our time was meaningful to me and I hope to him as well.

I got to see my dad.  Please pray for him.  These last 2 weeks have been extremely challenging physically.  Still no nausea, but the fatigue has knocked him back.  He’s a trooper and he still made it to my nephew’s birthday party Saturday night and Abby’s party Sunday night.

~ by Greg Lee on July 8, 2008.

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