The people of CIY


It was a really cool experience to hang out with the CIY team in Colorado.


Speaking was great and I’ll post on that separately, but what was just awesome to me were the people who work with CIY.  From the time I landed at the airport yesterday to the time I got dropped off this morning, they were full of hospitality, support and professionalism.  About a half dozen of them stopped to pray with me one-by-one before I spoke.  The Matt Bayless Band was awesome at leading worship and genuinely humble.  The production teams love what they do and work their tails off – and it is quite a production.


I got to tear down with them Friday night after the session.  In 2 hours they transformed a room like I have never seen and loaded it all on a truck.  Pizza and pop afterwards was cool, but it was midnight (1:00am to my body) and I had been up since 4:15am so I did cut out after grabbing a couple pieces.  My alarm went off at 4:30 this morning so I could catch my flight out.  I’ll be sleeping on the plane and doing final prep for tomorrow’s sermon.

~ by Greg Lee on June 29, 2008.

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