Introducing our Elders…Bill Davy

My wife, Kim and I have been married 30 years and have two children, Luci, who is 22 years old and Lawrence, who is 18.  We started attending Suncrest in the fall of 2000 after relocating here from Florida.  We have a large number of relatives in the Chicagoland and Northwest IN area which is why we moved back to Indiana.


Kim and I own two Ballroom Dance Studios; one in Schererville and one in Tinley Park, IL.  My occupation requires that I stay reasonably fit so exercise is part of my weekly schedule; however I truly enjoy my downtime with my family.  Kim and I like to watch a movie each week as well as go out to dinner as regularly as we can; we started this “date night” when we were raising our children.   

I also had “Daddy daughter outings” with Luci and still enjoy them though they’re not as regular as they once were.  This year she would like to do one of the following, Segway tour of Chicago, City bike tour, kayak tour or schooner sailing. 

My son and I have always seemed to have different interests, but when I explored his I found an exciting new outing called Paintball, which is a blast!  I have learned to appreciate different kinds of music through him and have the pleasure of having him work with me in our business for the past year.  He was kind enough to start golfing with me, however he’s stopped now but I still enjoy it anytime I can.


Since coming to Christ in 1983 many people have had an influence on me – pastors of the churches we’ve attended, friends we made through community groups, and family members, especially my brother Jack.


Reading God’s Word every day keeps me in touch with Him and a little less in touch with the world.  I also enjoy reading Christian books with my Saturday morning men’s group.  We’re into books by Lee Strobel right now; we just finished “A Case for Christ” and are currently reading “A Case for a Creator”.  After my Saturday morning Men’s group, I look forward to listening to “Wait, wait don’t tell me”, a weekly hour-long quiz program on National Public Radio.


Being used by God to change lives is truly the way I see Suncrest in words and deeds.  We continually reach out to our community and beyond.  Our commitment to reach and save the lost is kept in the forefront of what we do.  It is a priority as it should be with us all.  I am privileged to be serving as an elder at Suncrest I have found it to be humbling, rewarding, and spiritually developing.  I am honored to be serving with the men I serve with and am looking forward to serving with others.





~ by Greg Lee on June 26, 2008.

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