Jared’s Cool

Big thanks to our Student Life Pastor Jared Mehrle for letting me speak in our Student Life Worship services this week.  I’m serious about that.

I’m speaking at a High School Christ in Youth Conference called “Move” this Friday night in Colorado and it has been a while since I spoke to students.  I asked Jared about the potential for me to speak in their worship service (to be reminded how out of touch I am!), but I didn’t want to disrupt the plans they already had together.  Not only did he give me this Sunday, but he even let me do my talk for the conference.

We’re fortunate to have Jared.  A few things I love about him…

1.  He does a great job leading our student ministries.

2.  He’s a Cardinals fan.

3.  He met me today for an early breakfast to give me great feedback on my message…even though he is out at camp.

4.  Like most youth pastors, he’s gives almost 1/2 the summer to be away 24/7 on trips.  I’m so glad that is over for me.

5.  He has a great sense of the fine line betweent creative and cheesy when we are programming things.

6.  He got away with saying “crap” in his sermon a few weeks ago.  I never would…even if I could.  But there is something about his personality and his position that lets him get away with things.  I’m jealous.

7.  His teaching gift is strongly developing…he’s hit a home run the last few times he taught in adult worship and we are going to use him a bit more as Doug goes to launch the east campus.

~ by Greg Lee on June 25, 2008.

One Response to “Jared’s Cool”

  1. I have always enjoyed being around Jared… Even when he needs special care after an eventful day in Boston! Great guy…

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