Great Day with the kids

I’m not claiming that this is near equal or anything, but Jenny has had a run of things going on that has given me more chance than usual to hang out by myself with the kids (usually, she’s the quasi single parent with my schedule).

Wednesday night she had a soccer game (first game of her summer league).  Thursday night she was programming mediashout/powerpoint at the church.  This morning she went to the morning part of a worship team gathering at the church, had a baby shower in the afternoon and a children’s ministry trip to Naperville tonight.

I have such a great appreciation for what Jenny does day in and day out.  Today we did everything from puzzles to a post office run with late Father’s day creations for their grandpas to a walk around the block and cleaning up some things in the yard (hence the above picture).  Bedtime is supposed to be 8, but tonight it was 9, after baths.

I love flying solo with the kids, but also glad when it’s done (or they are in bed!). 

~ by Greg Lee on June 22, 2008.

One Response to “Great Day with the kids”

  1. Greg,

    Loved having your creative arts group with us yesterday! Met Tina Hines and Dave (can’t remember his last name because I thought he was Tina’s husband at first and his last name was Hines!). Also met Bobby. What a great group of people. All the best to you and your staff and leaders. Hope to see you again soon!

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