What would Jesus say to Barack Obama?

A few weeks ago we did a survey to find out who would be the 3rd personality of our series on What Would Jesus say to ________?  We gave 6 options that I thought were interesting and diverse…and a number of them got lots of votes.  People also got creative with their write in suggestions.  We had people suggest…


What would Jesus say to….

-Ted Bundy

-Mother Theresa

-Tom Cruise

-Hannah Montana

-Roger Clemens

-Greg Lee (thought about doing that one, but it would be a LONG sermon!)

-Paris Hilton

-Stephan Hawking

-Reverend Jeremiah Wright

-The Pope

-Me/Average person (We are doing a series in July that hits this theme.)

-George Bush

-John McCain

-Hillary Clinton

-Barack Obama


In the end, we actually had a “write in” candidate win – none other than Barack Obama.  (He started really strong…then Hillary surged…but he held on in the end.) 


If you’ve been around Suncrest long, you know this isn’t a “political” place, so it will be fun and challenging to tackle it.


At this stage, I’m looking for some help.  What are your suggestions?  What are people’s Sensitivities?  Curiosities?  What should I avoid?  What can’t I avoid?  Leave the replies in the comments below.


~ by Greg Lee on June 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “What would Jesus say to Barack Obama?”

  1. Quick brain dump…
    I think the idea of how religion and politics work together is key for the new and developing Christ follower.
    I heard someone chastising a preacher the other day for telling people to vote Biblical issues. His response was, “Welcome to democracy.” I would say that things like abortion (a hot button for Barak opponents) are Biblical issues and people are trying to say they are political issues that should not be talked about in church. I’m saying in short that I think it is good for me to make faith central to every part of my life.

    As I understand it, we lose our non-profit status when we endorse a candidate, so we can’t do that anyway.
    I think disclaimers will work their way into the beginning, but may need to be purposefully positioned throughout.

    I think the average, honest person notices something about the charisma and energy around his speeches. I think there are a lot of questions about his religious heritage/religious views too.

  2. Greg – as you said yourself during Sunday’s sermon, this is a touchy subject. Just because someone is a Christian does not automatically mean that person is a Republican. You might want to spend part of the sermon talking about what Jesus would say to anyone running for President (regardless of their party). Just a thought. Micki

  3. I have been reading your blog for a while now, sorry this is my first time to really comment… Hope all is well!

    I think if this sermon is to be presented in a “fair and balanced” way, then it simply has Jesus talking to Barack the human and not the politician – in that it just so happens he is a politician. In this sense, you de-mystify the individual and approach him as an individual for whom Jesus would have invited himself into Barack’s home for a meal.

    Jesus would have noticed the photos, the diplomas, and what the Obama’s chose to put on their walls. He would have noticed the way Barack spoke and looked at his wife and children, and if the Obama’s have individuals who take care of their residence, Jesus would have noticed the way the Obama’s treated them. Jesus would have noticed the individuals the Obama’s invited to join them, and perhaps what was prepared. He would have noticed what was important to the Obama’s by being in their home, because home is often times the only place we allow ourselves, or others allow us to be ourselves.

    To me, this goes deeper than any political or Christian response that we are to give to this candidate, and strikes us all where we live – our homes. Jesus is either our invited guest or he is not. Do we have to prepare for his arrival? Do we change our language with each other? Do we change the things we have on our walls, or the programs we watch on our TVs? Do we put our best on, or do we simply allow ourselves to be transparent with the one who already knows us?

    Anyway… that is my two cents worth.

    Again, I hope that all is well.

    Donald Simpson

  4. Obviously we should stay away from political issues, ie. the war, the economy, etc. so as not to mislead people that we are using this time to “endorse” any one candidate but simply focus on him as the individual.

    I love how you focused on a positive aspect of their character and then added what I would call “biblical tweaking”…truth in love for Simon… and for Barak, he is willing to take a risk by taking a stand for change regardless of the consequences.He doesn’t back down. Not easily swayed. We as Christ-followers ought to be the same when it comes to biblical teaching. Test everything.

  5. I would suggest you don’t get caught up in what to avoid, short of endorsing him or suggesting how congregants should vote. However, I think you are wise enough to know that already. Other than that, I think if you approach this sermon with the same intent, movtivation, and purpose as the others, it will be dynamite. Just free yourself of any worry and be led by the spirit…that’s what I’ll pray for you. K?

  6. Greg,
    Call it as you see it, this is one of the qualities I love about Suncrest, and your teaching. Thanks.

  7. “What would Jesus Say to Barack Obama?”

    I think he would say….

    “Barack – you promised the American people change.
    It needs to be the change for the better and it needs to be equal across the masses.

    If you dont deliver, then you will need to explain yourself. Just dont blame others for not making things happen. The buck will stop with you.

    Realize that this country needs a leader. And if the people choose you, then you will need My wisdom more than ever. If you do this without Me you will fail. And if you do seek My Will you will be successful. You then need to give credit where credit is due regardless if people are going to get all mad because you mention My name.

    Remember – I dont belong in politics. However, politicians do need to seek out My will for the sake of this country. After all, that whole “separation of Church and State” thing is so mis-interpreted, its not even funny.

    Oh, and by the way Barack – Im telling this to your Republican opponent as well. Reason being – I dont see party lines, but I see everyones heart.

    Hope to talk to you again soon through prayer.

  8. What would Jesus say to Omaba????

    Why did you stay in a church for 20 years knowing your pastor and how he feels about subjects that offends people? Jesus, I think would also say: You have God given talents and you disappoint me for associating with a pastor and a church like that. You should love everyone and find a church and pastor who does not look at color, race, etc.

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