I can’t believe Abby is 2.

Abby turned two today.  We had a great night.  Just our family at home for a quiet celebration.  The big extended family party will come over July 4 weekend, but we’ve been so chaotic lately that is was nice to be home with just the 4 of us. 

We wrapped it up with cupcakes out on the deck for this beautiful night…and invited our neighbors over for that part.  A great night to hang out a little bit.

Here’s my quick thoughts on Abby as she turns two…

-I’ve never seen anyone — anyone! — with the range of demonstrative facial expressions she has.

-She has a ready answer to any question — quick on the trigger.

-My favorite song to sing to her:  “Some Kind of Wonderful” (inspired by Fred Ewing singing it at Suncrest)

-Best expressions…In frustration she used to say: “Oh Pickles”  Now when things are OK, she says “Oh-Tay”

-She’s blessed to have a big brother like Jack and likes to “keep up” with him.  Here’s a picture of the 2 of them.

-She is beautiful like her mom.

-She leads our prayer at the table once a day with “Open, Shut them”

-I love pushing her on the swingset.  Her favorite way to have me push her usually comes as a grinning command, “Pull my legs off.”

-Having a daughter makes me think all kinds of thoughts.  Mostly either about being a good protector or a good provider.


~ by Greg Lee on June 18, 2008.

One Response to “I can’t believe Abby is 2.”

  1. I pray that you and Abby will have lots of wonderful memories together. Jack, too, of course, but I pray for special blessings for Abby’s birthday week.

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