Flooding and an old friend

Matt Schmidt is one of my best friends from High School.  We got to see him last weekend at a wedding reception.  He’s in my fantasy football league every year.  And, he is the 5pm and 10pm news anchor on NBC’s affiliate in Quincy, IL.  Today, I’m watching him online as he anchors live coverage of Barack Obama’s visit there to work with people filling sandbags to prevent flooding on the Mississippi River.

I can’t believe it, but they are saying this flood will be worse than the one in 1993.  (This will be two floods within 15 years that are supposedly “500 year floods”).  I worked on sandbagging the levees in 1993 and it was amazing how people worked together in the midst of helping the greater good. 

I think camaraderie and sense of community are always part of the experience of serving together. I know it is true around Suncrest.  And it’s something people don’t even know they are missing until they experience it.


~ by Greg Lee on June 15, 2008.

One Response to “Flooding and an old friend”

  1. There’s definitely something special about the “we’re in this together” mentality that comes from serving.

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