Summer Experience ’08

Just finalized plans for this year’s version of our “summer study”.  It has a new, fresh approach this summer with a great lineup of “Hot topics” and a night of worship to kick it off.  Many Kudos to Bobby Jackson for designing an engaging plan for this summer’s study.

After a night of worship together next Wednesday (June 18), I’ll kick off the study portion on June 25 tackling creation/evolution.  Other topics will include homosexuality, war, divorce, and Christ’s second coming.

The format includes a chance to lay out what the bible says on each issue and also interact during a 20 minute Q&A.  Should be fun!

~ by Greg Lee on June 12, 2008.

One Response to “Summer Experience ’08”

  1. One of my RSS feeds on my computer is Time Magazine’s top stories. This gay marriage issue in California has resulted in a lot of articles about homosexuality. I thought this article was interesting, and it may be useful for the “Hot topic” series. (If nothing else…it is kind of intriguing).,8599,1815538,00.html


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