Business Management Team

I just walked out of our Business Management Team Meeting.  I know it’s weird for some pastors to think about, but I love our BMT meetings.  Here’s why:

1.  Smart, Smart people.  Entrepreneurs, accountants, hospital administrators.  Each bring their own expertise and each knows that none of us “know it all”.  The mix of gifts and personalities makes it fun too.

2.  Mission oriented.  This team has to be about facts and figures, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t about faith.  They want Suncrest to “be used by God to change lives” and that doesn’t happen by sticking to purely conservative approaches. 

3.  They trust me.  I’ve seen similar teams at other churches be dismissive of the pastor because he doesn’t have business training.  But, our team thinks differently.  I respect and trust them in their expertise.  And they know “church world” has similarities to “business world”, but also differences. 

4.  They test me.  Trusting me doesn’t mean blank check.  Far from it.  We’ve had our share of disagreements about steps that affect suncrest financially, even in the last few months.  I just think everyone believes that our conclusions to those disagreements are better than my perspective or any one of their perspectives.

5. My favorite…The things on their agendas don’t have to be topics in our elders meetings.  Tonight at our BMT meeting, they sold a piece of property, reviewed a potential lease agreement for our east campus, got updates on our financials, discussed funding future staff positions, came up to speed on leasing our excess land to a farmer, etc.  All of these things NEED to be done by churches.  I just don’t think any of them should be done by elders.  Because of our BMT, our elders discussion tomorrow night will be on big picture issues that will guide our church into the future.

~ by Greg Lee on June 11, 2008.

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