Full Weekend

Weekends like this are ones to remember.  I pulled out of St. John at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon and got back late Sunday night.  In Between…

Wednesday Night — Had Dinner with Tim Barbee in Danville/Catlin, IL.   Tim was in my youth ministry at Suncrest and now is a youth minister at a great church in Catlin.  It was great to re-connect and talk about ministry with a guy who now is my colleague!

Early Thursday Morning – pulled into my parents house some time after midnight in Camp Point, IL.

Thursday – Spent most of the day with my dad.  He had his 3rd chemo treatment the week before, but was doing very well.  I helped him mow their yard and another property they own in town.  My brother’s family who lives in town helped too.  They help all the time — I’m really thankful for them.

Thursday evening — Went to watch my niece’s softball game and then my nephew’s baseball game.  They are both really good.  I love watching Megan because she is a catcher like I was in Little League.  I know I’m biased, but I think it’s the most important position on the field.  I loved Eric’s game because he is naturally talented…shortstop and lead-off man.

Thursday night — Jenny and the kids got back in to my hometown a little before midnight.  They had been in Texas at a family graduation and made the drive back with her parents all in one day.

Friday — Spent most of the day with my kids.  Had not seen them in almost a week.  A GREAT day.

Friday evening — wedding rehearsal and dinner for Jenny’s cousin Kayla.  I was performing the ceremony along with the pastor at their local church.

Saturday morning – 9:00am “Coffee at Iney’s”.  That is every Saturday and whoever is around is welcome so when we are in town we always go.  “Iney” is what we call Jenny’s Grandma Ilene.  And “coffee” includes homemade cookies and pastries.  Iney is one of the best cooks I know.

Saturday afternoon/evening/late night — I did the wedding for Kayla and Daniel.  They are a great couple and it was the first wedding Jack and Abby have gone too.  Jenny and I saw a ton of friends and family…and got home from the reception about 1:00am.

Sunday — After Church and lunch together, my brothers and I (OK, our wives), hosted a 40th wedding anniversary open house for my mom and dad.  It was a lot of work, but totally worth it.  They got to see a lot of friends, many who came from a distance and many they had not seen in years.  Mom and dad were married on 6-8-68 and are a model of a great marriage to me.

Sunday night — more coffee than anyone should drink in one 5 hour drive home.  Unloaded the car.  Checked my email and had over 100 messages waiting for me.  Had a stack of mail and newspapers.  Made a dent in them before going to bed.

A great weekend…

~ by Greg Lee on June 9, 2008.

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