A theme of my prayer life…

I was at a local fast food place yesterday.  The service was probably slower than it should have been, but there was a customer who was making a WAY bigger deal about it than necessary.  She was mean-spirited.  She had no patience.  She was rude and gruff and demanding.  She tried to get the teenager at the counter in trouble with his manager and then she was going to try to get the manager in trouble with “corporate”.


I honestly stood there and thought, “I hope she doesn’t go to Suncrest.”  I figured that if she did she would probably be embarrassed when she saw me, but more importantly, I’d be embarrassed for our church.  I’d hate to think that those of us who are Christ-followers would not be grace extenders in our lives.


That experience probably really hit me because I’ve prayed a prayer all week — with our staff Tuesday morning, with our elders last night, and in my own times of prayer – that is one of my theme prayers. 


And it is this:  That wherever a Suncrest person is right now, they would be having interactions full of love, grace, and encouragement.  That even in challenging work situations, struggling relationships or faced with poor customer service, we would be good representatives of what it means to follow Christ with every interaction.  We would be the first to extend a helping hand, grant forgiveness, or be part of a solution instead of piling on or pointing out a problem.  I just keep praying for our church family to “shine” wherever we find ourselves.


~ by Greg Lee on May 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “A theme of my prayer life…”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that the other day I was waiting to turn into Donna Brum’s Dancers (next to Von Tobel’s) and somebody FINALLY let me in. As I was turning I noticed a Suncrest license plate on the front of the vehicle.

  2. […] with a smile, most people will respond in kind. And then there are the others…. Greg’s prayer that we would be full of love, grace, and encouragement to those around us is a great prayer […]

  3. Everyone at Donna Brum Dancers would have let you let you in!!! They’re the BEST!

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