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Three cool experiences merged into one tonight.

First, after soccer practice, Jack and I decided to meet Jenny and Abby for dinner at Culver’s in Merrillville.  We all love Culver’s and I love just spending the time out of the house together as a family.

Second, when we walked into Culver’s we learned there was a benefit going on for Matt Wesley.  Matt was seriously injured last fall playing football for Lake Central.  Though I don’t personally know the family, we got to meet them tonight and I told them just how much our church had been praying for them.  Matt said he had received some neat things in the mail from our children’s ministry.  I’ve had second hand connections to this point — some of my good friends at suncrest, including my admin assistant, worked with Matt’s mom at St. Anthony’s.  It was really cool to meet them.

Third, we got to see Fred Terpstra.  Fred is a Suncrest attender and he owns the Culver’s (along with his son-in-law).  Both my dad and Fred’s dad are fighting serious health issues and we talked about that for a while.  Fred even bought our dinner for us (I seriously still have a hard time letting people do that, even though I know it is their expression of gratitude/generosity).

But here is the best part of the night for me…I see a Christ-follower from our church (Fred) just doing what any Christ-follower should do…letting God use him to help others.  Anyone could host a benefit for Matt Wesley, but Fred did!  His heart is so big. 

I think church leaders get this one wrong all the time.  We spend so much time recruiting and getting people to serve God and people in the church, when the best thing they could do is serve God and people wherever it is they find themselves. Way to go, Fred!

~ by Greg Lee on May 20, 2008.

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