Suncrest Note

Hope you have had a great week. 


We had an event last night that felt like one of those defining nights in the life of our church.  Four times a year, we gather all of our volunteer leaders and coaches (leaders of leaders) to make sure we are all up to speed on where God is leading us.  They are always incredible.


But last night, it was even more significant.  Along with leaders and coaches, we invited those who have committed to launch the new site.  We focused on our move to being one church in two locations and we got to hear from Dave Ferguson.  He’s the lead pastor at Community Christian Church in Naperville – a leading church in the “multi-site” church movement – which just opened their 9th location this spring.  When we sensed God was leading us to add a campus, one of the first things we did was look for other churches to learn from – and Dave and many people at CCC have mentored us through our process. 


Our Exponential offering and commitments were received on Sunday and we have good news.  Over $50,000 has already been given over and above our regular giving.  Another $25,000 was committed to be given in the next month, putting us close to a total of $77,000.  As incredible as that generosity is, we still have a little ways to go.  I’m confident we can get to $85,000, which will bring us to full funding for the east campus and maybe even yet to $100,000 that will allow us to make a major upgrade to our children’s ministry check-in process at both campuses.  If you were out of town Sunday or just have not made your gift or short-term commitment yet, I hope you will this Sunday.


What difference has Suncrest made in your life?  We are capturing some people’s stories on video for a DVD we will use for outreach events this summer.  Whether your story is dramatic or it is something super-simple, we would love to have you participate.  Our next filming date is one week from Sunday, on May 25.  We need as many as possible, so email Kevin Richardson today –  — to tell him you can help.  Don’t be shy!  


I love our new series that starts this Sunday.  It’s simply called “Afterlife”.  Ever wondered about eternity, heaven, hell, and more??  I’ll kick it off this Sunday by teaching on this mind-blowing concept of eternity.  We’re calling it “Forever is a Long Time”.

~ by Greg Lee on May 17, 2008.

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