Leader’s Edge with Dave Ferguson

Like I said in the last post, we were really fortunate to have Dave Ferguson with us last night at our leader’s edge gathering.  Thought it was worth sharing some of the cool things happening around Suncrest right now that I shared Thursday night…

  • Attendance is up almost 10% so far from last year…and almost every Sunday since our March outreach push has been over 1000.
  • Offerings…Suncrest is a generous place with offerings up over 10% from last year…and this in the midst of sluggish economic times and on top of doing a major special offering.

Since our leader’s last met in January…

  • Our children’s ministry has been transformed and is stronger than it has been in a long time.
  • We’ve had 23 baptisms with more to come over each of the next 3 weekends.  (I have set a goal with our elders to double our number from last year and we are almost on pace for that.)
  • We’ve added 9 new leaders to groups or ministries and had 4 more leaders “reproduced” by existing leaders.
  • Announced the launch of our east campus and had 120 people commit to go launch it.
  • Have over 270 people commit to praying for the launch of our east campus — the goal is 300 so sign up at www.suncresteast.org
  • Received a special offering for the east campus with over $50,000 given last weekend and over $25,000 more already committed.


~ by Greg Lee on May 17, 2008.

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