New Thing Gathering

I’m heading out to Naperville today and tomorrow to link up with more than a dozen other lead pastors who are part of the NewThing Networks.  NewThing is a catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches.

Suncrest linked up with NewThing just over a year ago and now leads one of these networks.  We have a dream together of “reproducing” at every level of church life.

As disciples, we will reproduce disciples.

As leaders, we will reproduce leaders.

…we will reproduce more small groups.

…we will reproduce more worship services.

…we will reproduce more campuses of our church.

…we will reproduce more churches through church planting.

That dream will take a lifetime to accomplish because the mission Jesus gave us is to reach the world…and NewThing has a specific goal of reproducing ourselves widely enough and urgently enough to reach 1 billion people.  There is something super-cool about helping to craft such an enormous dream. 

The source of the dream is in Community Christian Church — specifically Dave and Jon Ferguson.  Can’t wait to hang with them and the other lead guys today and tomorrow.

Then, on Thursday, Dave is going to be at Suncrest for our leaders edge gathering for ministry leaders, small group leaders and the east campus launch team. 

~ by Greg Lee on May 13, 2008.

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