Elder Retreat

Highlights from a great day on our elder retreat.

1.  We decided to come to Restoration House in New Hampshire for our retreat to get a first-hand appreciation of our church planting efforts in New England.  It’s been cool to see how God has worked in this Region through Restoration House Ministries.

2.  We prayed together for about an hour tonight for our staff.  We asked the staff before we left how the elders could pray for them and got some great responses.  It was powerful.

3.  We had lunch with 2 key leaders from Rockingham Christian Church and did some mentoring for them as they walk into having their first elders.  We prayed over them after a great conversation.

4.  Talked about the next evolution of a leadership development effort to supplement our model of reproducing leaders.  If you are a growing church, leaders are ALWAYS in short supply.  We want to creat systems that meet this critical need.

5.  Most helpful discussion for me…an ongoing shaping/discussion of what the role of elder is at Suncrest. On one hand, we know there are some Biblical fundamentals that will never change.  On the other hand, we know some leadership functions have to change as we grow.  Picture above is from some stuff we charted out on the whiteboard.  Next post will have some of that stuff if you are interested.

~ by Greg Lee on May 4, 2008.

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