People who make Suncrest go

We had an awesome all-staff lunch yesterday.  Like everyone else, we have an “office pool” with the NCAA tourney.  For us, we celebrate by going out together and buying the winner’s lunch.  Truth is…it’s just a good excuse to get the whole staff team together and enjoy an hour or 2.

I couldn’t get everyone in the picture.  You may know some of the familiar faces around Suncrest, but it’s this whole team that makes us go!  Most of these 22 people are employed “part-time” — but that has a lot more to do with their paycheck than their commitment!!

Office Support Staff— Melissa Gut, Laurie Olson, Clara Clark, Robin McHugh, Denise Tribble, Cindy Barker (quite possibly the greatest admin assistant to ever live!).

Custodial Staff— Diane Budzowski, Leslie Doan

Ministry Interns— Chris Hall, Scott Cumberledge

Ministry Staff— Doug Gamble, Mary Beth Stockdale, Bobby Jackson, Jared Mehrle, Mike Moseng, Scott Coons, Patti Richardson, Sue Hertzfeldt, Julie Coons, David Vineyard, Kevin Richardson (and me).

By the way, once again this year I did not win the pool.  Scott Coons actually won, but since he wins everything we awarded the free lunch to Denise Tribble who almost beat him!



~ by Greg Lee on April 30, 2008.

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