Quick Trip

Thanks to a full 64 ounces of iced coffee, I stayed awake long enough to drive to my home town after preaching 3 times Sunday.  Dad’s been struggling health-wise a bit since his first chemo treatment last week and this was my one chance to get away until June. 

I got to spend about an hour with him Sunday night and a little more time this morning before driving back.  Also got to see my niece and nephews, brother, sis-in-law, mom and grandmother so the trip was totally worth it, even if I was there for less than 18 hours.  Just wish gas was $1.49/gallon.

One cool thing…Jack had a ton of stuff going on today so he couldn’t come, but I did bring Abby.  She and I had a great time and Jack and Jenny got some good time togehter.  When I called back Sunday night, they were playing Connect 4.  I love it.

~ by Greg Lee on April 29, 2008.

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