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I think my motives were pure in starting this blog…I want to get word out about some things I am experiencing or I am learning.  I know a variety of people read it…family members, staff members, Suncrest people, major sports figures, a few people who are critical of me or Suncrest (but want to keep tabs), and old college friends.  OK, maybe not the sports figures.

Anyway, I think every blogging interface has a chance for you to view your stats.  Seems kind of narcissistic, doesn’t it?  WordPress (my interface) is free and pretty basic, so i used to just see how many people visited the page each day or week or whatever. 

A few weeks ago, WordPress expanded that and it shows more stuff now.  Most of it would be boring to you, but it was interesting to see which of my posts historically have been viewed a lot…and which ones have been duds.

Everything pretty much made sense to me.  When I got linked from Dave Ferguson’s blog…my stats go up.  When I haven’t posted for a while, my stats go down.  There was only one wildly crazy exception to my expectations…and here it is:

I posted something on God answering prayers for miracles in June of last year after our elders had prayed for such.  And that specific posting has now been viewed over 1300 times.  Trust me, my blog doesn’t get outreagous traffic and the 2nd highest posting number was way…way…way less than that. 

So for what it’s worth…if it could be helpful to you and you missed it the first time, here’s the posting:

By the way, the lady we prayed for has had great success in her cancer battle.

~ by Greg Lee on April 20, 2008.

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  1. And I think I mentioned what happens when my blog is linked to yours: Just another opportunity to encourage prayer for you, and a plug for free publicity :+)

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