Suncrest Update

Whenever we invite people to follow Jesus, we know there is potential for an eternity-changing day.  Leading up to Sunday, many of us prayed and fasted for people to respond to the decision…and they did.  We had people come in all three services and in student life worship down the hall, though most actually came down front right after the service.  In all 8 people stepped forward and 3 of those were clearly a first-ever decision to embrace Jesus as Savior and Leader.  Like I said…eternity-changing.


You’ve probably noticed the fullness of our 9:30 and 11:00 services…and of our children’s ministry.  Someone mentioned in our staff meeting this week that though it isn’t unusual for our attendance to be over 1000, we’ve had a consistent run there recently where it has been for 5 of the last 6 weeks and the only exception was 995 on a spring break weekend. 


Some might think numbers don’t mean much, but I think they are wrong.  Every number is a life.  It is someone’s husband, neighbor, co-worker, friend, or daughter who is being exposed to Jesus.  Since our mission is to be used by God to change lives, we pay close attention to how many lives God is reaching through Suncrest.


This Sunday we will have an important announcement about “Exponential”.  That is the name of our special offering this spring.  We’ve promised no more than one special offering like this a year to keep us expanding our ministry without tackling another long-term capital campaign…and the response to this always blows me away.  This year’s offering is even more exciting than the last 2 years…I can’t wait to tell you about it.


Pray for our middle school students this weekend.  Jared is taking a huge number of them to a conference called “Believe” and these experiences always help large numbers of students take defining steps in their faith.  If you have a middle school student, I hope yours is on the trip.  I’ve committed to pray for them regularly from now through the weekend.  Would you join me?


Love ya, Suncrest.




PS…I’ll launch a new three week series this Sunday called “Fearless”.  I’m super-excited to talk about how God meets us at our points of fear.

~ by Greg Lee on April 18, 2008.

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