On the road again

This week has felt like a month to me.  I had lunch with Jenny, Jack, and Abby Sunday after church and then headed for the airport. 

On Monday, I was with our church plant in Boston to meet with their management team and I just have to tell you how incredible this church is.  They set new attendance records every week.  They had a higher attendance on Sunday than they even did on Easter…317 people!  What they are doing is unheard of in urban church planting circles.  Your generosity has made this possible.  Most of you know our church “tithes” 10% to give to causes beyond ourselves and out of that we have committed $50,000 over 5 years to launch this church.  God is using your gifts here…and beyond.

On Tuesday, I was in the office and had my usual Tuesday of meetings before heading out to coach Jack’s first soccer practice.  That was a blast!

On Wednesday I was in Dallas (where I’m typing this from here Friday morning) for an opportunity I don’t deserve.  I was invited to gather with 12 pastors from around the country who are (1) leading large churches and (2) are under a certain age.  It’s called Next Generation Leadership Community and is hosted by Leadership Network.  It was 48 hours of insightful and challenging conversations.  I’ll reflect more on it over the next couple weeks here if you want details.

The best part and worse part of my trip – I left my cell phone in my car at Midway!!!  It was a sick feeling for the first few hours, but I have actually quite enjoyed it.  Since I am experiencing some signs of withdrawal at this stage, I’ll be glad to get it this afternoon when I land back in Chicago.

~ by Greg Lee on April 12, 2008.

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