A Vision for New Things


I got the chance to speak for an event at Community Christian Church Saturday night.  Suncrest is part of the NewThing Network that has its roots in Community Christian Church (actually we lead one of the networks  — our network includes church plants in the Chicago suburbs, Milwaukee suburbs, and Minneapolis suburbs).


I was speaking to a large group of people who were preparing to make financial commitments to NewThing above their giving already to CCC.  That’s inspiring to me – people who “get it” about the importance and urgency of reproducing churches – and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.  I told them some of the huge ways being part of NewThing has benefited Suncrest…


1.        We are transforming our model of leadership development to focusing on leaders reproducing leaders.  You’ll hear the terminology around here of coaches, leaders, and emerging leaders.


2.       In large part because of reproducing leadership (and Mary Beth Stockdale’s leadership), our % of adults in community groups leaped from 40% to 70%.


3.       We are launching our East Campus in September as our move to being a multi-site church becomes a reality.


It was a crazy weekend for me to do it, but totally worth it.  And,  CCC’s lead pastor Dave Ferguson, is coming to speak at Suncrest for an event of ours in May.


~ by Greg Lee on April 7, 2008.

One Response to “A Vision for New Things”

  1. Greg,
    We are so thankful you were able to be a part of this event. What you shared made a tremendous impact upon our attenders, and it was such a privilege to have one of our apostolic network leaders there in person! You were great!
    Looking forward to having you back with our team in May,

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