very old suncrest note

Hey Suncrest,


iMarriage was one of those series that I’m really glad we did.  And, I’m really glad we are done with. 


Can I say a quick note to those who are not married (and I know there are a lot of you!!), but walked through all three weeks with us?  I love your spirit.  We’ve had messages on singleness before, but there is no doubt churches tend to focus more on couples and families than singles.  I just have a lot of respect for those of you who came to glean what you could about relationships, worship God, and be part of your church family even when the topic didn’t hit you squarely.  I love ya.


To us who are married, the Bible’s wisdom is so personal and challenging, isn’t it?  There is a lot to “take-away” from it, but if I can repeat the MOST important piece, it is this:  Keep your hands off the verses in the Bible that are to your spouse.  If you walked away from the series with a primary thought of “I just hope my spouse heard what Greg said” — you totally missed the point.  I know that is not easy, but it is fundamental to making life any better…to making you any better.  You work on…you.  Not on her.  Not on him.  You.  Remember, love is not self-seeking.


I know we had a run on everything from the iMarriage series on Sunday…books, cd’s etc.  We will be re-stocked this weekend.  Also, sign up continues for “Fresh Perspectives” with Steve Hoekstra (Sunday, April 6 – 4-6pm).  Cost is $15/couple…married, engaged or dating.


Everything is set for our Passion Services on Thursday and Friday night at 7:00pm.  For any Christ-follower, we need to encounter the cross in this season and these services will help you do that.  Make sure you make it to one of them!  And remember, our Easter service schedule is expanded to add a Saturday service at 6:00pm.  Maybe that could be the best option for you and any guests you’ll bring?  If not, then hit one of our normal times on Sunday (8:00, 9:30, 11:00).


I visited one of our community groups Monday night and was reminded of the power of a simple invitation.  I met a really sharp young couple that has been attending for a few months and learned she teaches at Kolling Elementary.  I said, “Oh you probably know Kim DeBraal.”  Of course she does, Kim is the one who invited her to Suncrest! 


Think about it…Who are you inviting for Sunday?




PS…Got your NCAA bracket done, yet?  I’m risking embarrassment by making mine public:





~ by Greg Lee on April 5, 2008.

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