today’s suncrest note

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while…trying to find a rythm again.

Hey Suncrest,


I waited about 11 years too long to do this:  On Sunday, I served in our children’s ministry all 3 hours.  I learned a lot of things:

·         This is a huge ministry!  Every Sunday it takes dozens and dozens and dozens of volunteers to do this and the number of “moving parts” makes me dizzy.  More than 50 workers each weekend means more than 2500 workers this year…you can see why it is so valuable to have people commit to serve for an extended period of time instead of just randomly.

·         This is a life-changing ministry!  Kids are formed by their experience EVERY Sunday.  The 4 years olds I served with had memorized a verse by the end of the hour…and now know God loves everyone…even people hard to love.

·         This is a well-led ministry.  Sue Hertzfeldt, Julie Coons and Scott Coons have a huge responsibility and they are all champs at it!!!

·         This ministry thrives with great volunteers.  I was so impressed with Jinny Mitchell and Lynn Schweitzer who taught the classes I was in the first two hours.  They were well-prepared, genuinely cared for the kids, knew how to put parents at ease.  I was just so impressed…all of you who teach our kids rock!!!

·         This ministry has energy.  About 100 elementary kids were worshipping together in the group I was with during the 11:00 service.  It was incredible…Great job to Fred Ewing and Mary Gentry leading the worship time!

·         This ministry could use you.  Whether it is in the existing areas or helping create the same experience when we launch the east campus, there aren’t many opportunities where you can more directly be used by God to change lives.  You can worship one hour, serve one hour and use your one and only life to really live beyond yourself.  Email or today.


Personally, thanks for all your prayers for my Dad.  I mentioned in a couple of the Q&A times on Easter that he has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Any cancer diagnosis is hard, but my Dad is strong, confident, faithful to Jesus, and prepared for anything.  Chemotherapy and radiation will start soon and the prognosis for that seems to be positive overall.  I do welcome your prayers…thanks for that.


At our staff retreat yesterday, we prayed for you.  Where ever you were sitting at about 10:45 yesterday morning you were prayed for.  We prayed for God to walk with you through difficult times, for Jesus’ presence to be real in your lives, for you to have positive influence where-ever you were sitting at the time…work, school, home.  We all love this growing church family!


I’m continuing our Jesus in High Def series on Sunday with a look at how Jesus encountered religious leaders of his day.  Fascinating stuff…maybe what you would expect…or maybe not.




PS…it’s probably worth noting that a lot of people are 60 days into the 90 day commitment you made to “test God by tithing” back in February.  I’d just like to say “Way to go!”.  I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I imagine as you are taking this step of faith…God is being faithful…he is providing…and you are finding that generosity to God is a GREAT feeling. 

~ by Greg Lee on April 5, 2008.

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