kinda old suncrest note

Hey Suncrest,


I got out of town to see some old friends for a few days after Easter, but the energy and celebration of the day hasn’t dwindled at all.  We had a huge crowd even with the spring break travel that always hammers our attendance on these late-March weekends. 


Our worship teams and children’s ministry provided programming for Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and 3 times on Sunday in the midst of missing spring break people.  I think the worship crews (instrumentalists, vocalists, people running sound, people running PowerPoint, etc) where there Tuesday and Wednesday night for rehearsals also.  I love you guys and the investments you make to help us encounter Jesus!


I was refreshed by the candor of the questions people were willing to text message in during the message.  We kind of wondered if we would actually get any questions in this format, but we got more than we could ever use in the services.  Since there were different questions in all 4 services and additional questions that we didn’t have time to answer, we are trying to figure out a way to get all the questions/answers out there.  I’ll keep you in the loop on that.


Some people asked me if I was really seeing those questions for the first time when they came on the screen.  The answer is yes.  I had given the screener (volunteer Kay Roberts – great job!) 2 questions before Saturday night and we had set up that I would know when I saw one of those that questions my time was up…but there were so many other questions she didn’t even use them in 2 of the services..I just watched the clock.


We’ll do it again this weekend, so come with your questions.  We found out some people hesitated to send questions afraid their number or name would appear on the screen…obviously we won’t do that.  We want people to feel the safety to ask ANYTHING.


I told our children’s ministry staff that since I’m not teaching this weekend, I would love to serve in our children’s ministry for all three hours.  The improvements that have been made in our children’s ministry over the past 6 months are awesome.  Maybe I’ll greet you as you check in your 4 year old.  It should be fun!


See you Sunday.



PS…I am taking this morning to pray and have encouraged (OK, required) all of our ministry staff to also find a half-day to pray in the next couple weeks.  It is so important to making sure we are in sync with God as we lead this spiritual enterprise called Suncrest.  Please keep all of us in your prayers as well.

~ by Greg Lee on April 5, 2008.

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