“Ask Greg Lee Night”


“Ask Greg Lee Night” — Though that’s what they called it, I can’t imagine a better prescription for low attendance at your community group (even if everyone did come last night). 

One of our community groups invited me to hang out with them and talk Bible/Theology.  They had generated some challenging questions about faith, the Bible, and Christianity.  We covered lots of issues:  how trustworthy the Bible is, the tension between God being in control and humanity having freedom, baptism, creation, homosexuality, the eternity of people who follow other religions or have never heard of Jesus.

I loved the candor…the give and take…the laughter…and more than anything the genuine desire to seek truth. 

Most people have real questions about their faith.  What do you do with yours?  Ignore them…and hope they will go away?  Suppress them…keep yourself busy enough so you don’t think about it?  Or explore them?

These 6 young couples are choosing to explore them…and I hope you will too.  That’s how you make your faith your own. 

Maybe I’ll post sometime how doubts in my faith over the last 7 years have produced something that seems counter-intuitive…I’m less certain of my faith than I was 10-15 years ago, but I have greater conviction about my faith in Jesus than ever.   And in my mind…certainty is (1) an indicator of arrogance, (2) a recipe for blind spots, (3) over-rated.  I’d pick conviction over certainty any day of the week.

~ by Greg Lee on March 19, 2008.

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