Why I teach adults…


Monday is my day off and so I accepted an invitation for today to talk to Jack’s pre-school class about my job as a pastor.

I could see the pride in Jack’s whole demeanor of having his dad there.  That was cool.  I was prepared…I had object lessons to show what I use in my job, had the chance to talk about this week with Good Friday and Easter…but 5 minutes into my allotted 15 minutes I had totally lost them never to re-gain them…but we had a lot of fun!  

You have to love 4 year olds.  I went with the interactive approach and cracked up when I when I asked them who you pray too.  One kid said “God.”  The next said “Jesus”.  Of course, I’m trying to affirm every answer.  then a kid said, “Santa.”  Uh…not exactly. 

Then, for some reason I actually thought there could be some give and take in the Q&A.  So, I see sweet little Chloe raise her hand first and I was sure she would be curious about my job.  Actually, she just wanted the class to know that her cat scratched her hand the other day.  Pretty much every “question” followed in the same vein.

So, as I tell Jack, Daddy’s job is to teach the “grown-ups” and I’m sticking with that.

Side note:  you’ll see from the picture that I was in charge of getting Jack ready this morning…nothing like a bright yellow sweatshirt on St. Patrick’s day!

~ by Greg Lee on March 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why I teach adults…”

  1. Greg, Thanks for sharing that great picture of the young ones! Jack may just have a wee bit o the dad’s ornery grin:) and you are a wise pastor….better to teach the adults…those youngsters will outsmart you every time!!
    A very Blessed Easter to you and all of Suncrest.

  2. Thank you so much for voluneering your time to our class. Believe me it was time well spent and the kids loved telling me about your visit. I heard about the visual aides you used to explain the duties of being a pastor, Thank you again for all you and Jenny both do for our class!

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